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Every Tuesday in October beginning at 1PM Central, industry experts will be giving TED-Talk style presentations about a variety of the most pressing issues facing the foodservice equipment and design industry today. Each presentation will be about 15 minutes each. Below you'll find a brief description of each presenters session topic. To attend any of the sessions - live or on-demand - sign up at the registration page.

Redefining Your Restaurant and Brand Experience

Uncertain times call for purpose-led action. Understanding how customers attitudes are changing allows you to tailor the restaurant experience and your brand as a whole to them. Get actionable insights on how to redefine your customer experience, and win with your guests so that they not only return but share their experience with others.
Speaker: Sandra Duff, SVP, Strategy Activation & Operations, Jackman Reinvents

Evolve and Thrive: Perseverance in a Crisis

How can business leaders navigate rapidly changing market conditions and unprecedented business impacts? Discover how perseverance and innovation can help you pioneer a path forward during a crisis. This presentation will provide key considerations to effectively adapt and evolve while continuing to deliver on your brand promise and long term goals.

Speaker: Steve Maahs, President and Chief Operating Officer, Alto-Shaam

Going Wayback to Move Way Forward

Wayback Burgers began as Jake’s Hamburgers in 1991 in Newark, DE selling burgers, fries & hand dipped milkshakes from a humble roadside burger stand. It began franchising in 2009 and has grown to over 160 locations operating in 31 states in the U.S. and 12 countries across the globe. In that timespan the chain has transformed in design, menu, and product delivery platforms as technology and consumer behaviors have evolved. Learn how one restaurant brand plans to continue to evolve its layout, procedures and more.
Speaker: Patrick Conlin, President, Wayback Burgers


New Era Hospitality

While the safety of customers and staff remains of the utmost importance, it does not have to come at the expense of hospitality. Success in the future will depend on operators’ ability to embrace the spirit of hospitality and sell their sizzle. This presentation will explore how to accomplish this through design, equipment selection and more.
Speaker: Dick Eisenbarth, FCSI, President, Emeritus, Cini•Little International, Inc.

Technology in the Kitchen of the Future

The foodservice industry has continuously evolved over the past several decades, albeit slower on the advanced technology side due to limited solutions and a high cost to operators. Given the rapidly changing landscape driven not only from advances and investments in technology by manufacturers but by growing demand factors, we will see a complete transformation over the next 5-10 years. Discover what that will look like from a major manufacturers' perspective.
Speaker: Tim FitzGerald, CEO, Middleby

The Evolution of Campus Dining

Foodservice has gone from being transactional to transformational and now, thanks to COVID-19, it’s back to being transactional again. How did the industry evolve to that point and where is it headed in the future? How can operators design an operation with the proper flow that supports simple, yet authentic menus and allows consumers to explore different cuisines without compromising safety, flow and efficiency.
Speaker: Rafi Taherian, Associate Vice President, Yale Hospitality

Branding Outside Your Four Walls

Even before the pandemic, a significant amount of restaurant meals were consumed off premises. For companies that carefully curate their brands, this makes delivering the desired experience all the more challenging. Learn how operators can help take back some control of their branding through graphics, design and much more.
Speakers: Scout Driscoll, Founder and CEO, DesignScout, a Branding Agency and Amanda Wurzbach, Founder and Principal, Total Dish Marketing

Disruptive Marketing: The Impact on the Foodservice Industry?

A disruptive company has one of two goals: design its product or service to match the demand of an emerging market, or re-shape an existing product or service to meet the demand of customers unsatisfied by the current offering. All companies in the foodservice industry will need to be aware of and adjust to 5 unique disruptors: Design, Distribution, Delivery, Digitalization, and Dark Kitchens.
Speaker: Jim Lund, CEC, Director, Design & Consultant Resources, RATIONAL North America

Ingredients for Growth

Building restaurants is one thing. Building a company that can withstand the tests of time is another. Learn how investing in store design, people and the communities the company serves work together as key ingredients that fuel one restaurant chain’s growth.
Speaker: Peter Cancro, CEO, Jersey Mike's Subs

Restaurant Evolution in 2021 and Beyond

What will the restaurant industry operating environment look like in 2021? How will the way consumers use restaurants change in the coming year? What will be the key ingredients in operators’ recipe for success moving forward? Two of the industry’s most respected thought leaders will tackle these issues and answer audience questions in this lively give and take.
Speakers: David Portalatin, VP, Food Industry Advisor, The NPD Group, Inc. and B. Hudson Riehle, SVP, Research & Knowledge Group, National Restaurant Association