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Branding Outside Your Four Walls

Even before the pandemic, a significant amount of restaurant meals were consumed off premises. For companies that carefully curate their brands, this makes delivering the desired experience all the more challenging. Learn how operators can help take back some control of their branding through graphics, design and much more.
Speakers: Scout Driscoll, Founder and CEO, DesignScout, a Branding Agency and Amanda Wurzbach, Founder and Principal, Total Dish Marketing

Disruptive Marketing: The Impact on the Foodservice Industry?

A disruptive company has one of two goals: design its product or service to match the demand of an emerging market, or re-shape an existing product or service to meet the demand of customers unsatisfied by the current offering. All companies in the foodservice industry will need to be aware of and adjust to 5 unique disruptors: Design, Distribution, Delivery, Digitalization, and Dark Kitchens.
Speaker: Jim Lund, CEC, Director, Design & Consultant Resources, RATIONAL North America

Ingredients for Growth

Building restaurants is one thing. Building a company that can withstand the tests of time is another. Learn how investing in store design, people and the communities the company serves work together as key ingredients that fuel one restaurant chain’s growth.
Speaker: Peter Cancro, CEO, Jersey Mike's Subs