FED Global Thought Leadership 2016

Mirror Mirror on my phone, which guest deserves the attention drone?

Foodservice operators are inundated with new technology solutions designed to improve operations, the guest experience and myriad other service initiatives. However, determining the best and right use of this technology, and its impact on the customer, is an entirely different story. Listen in as Barker breaks down the implications of this new technology and the impact it is having on both customers and foodservice industry representatives.

A.J. Barker, Director, Culinary, Concept Kitchen + Bar

A.J. is an award-winning Chef-Consultant and Managing Partner of the boutique food consulting agency, Concept Kitchen + Bar. In addition to consultant brand work, Chef Barker works to integrate and on-board technologies in food service and agricultural applications for better community scaling. Chef Barker consults with technology and software communities, agriculture, hospitality and health services industries to design advanced ergonomic and low emissions food service equipment with a zero waste attribute.