FED Global Thought Leadership 2016

The New (International) Operational Landscape

What, exactly, is a circular economy, and what does it mean for today’s foodservice industry? In this session, Doug Fryett breaks down this new operational model and the interrelationships between all of its parts. The use of this model means the implementation of reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing products and materials. Why should foodservice operators use it? Listen in to discover more.

Doug Fryett, Founder & President, Fryett Consulting

Douglas K. Fryett is President of The Fryett Consulting Group, a company he founded 1989 after holding several senior management positions in the foodservice industry. The Fryett Consulting Group is unique in its experience, diversity of markets served, international perspective, ability to identify strategic opportunities and successfully address their organizational challenges. Doug’s areas of expertise include business strategy development, market analysis, market research, and “voice of the customer” assessment. He has extensive experience working with boards, CEOs, and senior management teams in organizational change processes and strategy development, and strategy implementation systems. He also is the author of "An Introduction to the Foodservice Industry," and has published articles in several industry-leading magazines.