FED Global Thought Leadership 2018

Connectivity Within the Commercial Kitchen: How Data-Driven Insights Can Lead to Operational Efficiency and Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Connectivity is becoming an integral part in helping commercial kitchens succeed. Connected kitchens provide information that operators can use to streamline workflows, improve quality control, reduce labor costs and minimize downtime due to remote troubleshooting. Leveraging these capabilities enables foodservice operators to anticipate rather than react to customer demands. This session will look at how smart operators will use data and connectivity to strengthen both their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Markus Glueck, Executive Vice President, Rational North America

Markus Glueck is the Executive Vice President of RATIONAL North America. He is responsible for expediting the growth of the North American subsidiary of RATIONAL AG. Under his leadership, subsidiary revenue and profitability have increased, supported by a double-digit compound annual growth rate that exceeds category and industry averages.

Before joining RATIONAL in 2013, Markus was the President/CEO and Board Member of WMF AMERICAS GROUP, INC., an industry leader in both retail and commercial markets.

With his extensive educational background, including an economics degree from a German university, an MBA from a United Kingdom university and his doctorate in marketing from a Swiss business school, Markus has a broad understanding of international business.

He is dedicated to advancing the RATIONAL brand, promoting the benefits of combi-steamer technology, and building a high performance organization that elevates customer and company success.