FED Global Thought Leadership 2018

Do Androids Dream of French Fries? Evolving Customer Experience in the New Era of Foodservice Automation

Foodservice automation isn’t coming…it’s here. And there’s more on the way, faster and bigger than before. That we know. What we can’t really know for certain is how to best utilize the emerging technologies to positively impact the customer experience. Automation of something as intimate as food is inherently polarizing, and in the end, the customer will determine whether new technology is enhancing or diminishing their experience. Whether automation is used to enable a transformational business model, proudly showcased within an existing concept, or hidden deep in the back of the house, winners will be those that are able to both aptly understand how to use these technologies to distinctively enhance the pertinent experiences of their customers, and unreservedly embrace the implementation of new technologies, including end-to-end collaboration across the foodservice value stream.

Gennadiy Goldenshteyn, Vice President, Advanced Systems, Welbilt, Inc.

In his role as Vice President, Advanced Systems at Welbilt, Gennadiy Goldenshteyn is charged with the responsibility of thinking ahead of the current marketplace and guiding complex and innovative kitchen system solutions through new product development process to production and market introduction. Goldenshteyn brings extensive automotive and aerospace experience to the world of foodservice. His time at Ford Motor Company helped him to understand and excel in the “concept-to-production” challenge, and his tenure in United Technology Corporation’s Aerospace Systems created a passion and enthusiasm for bleeding edge technology and integrated system solutions. Prior to joining Welbilt, Goldenshteyn fell in love with foodservice while leading Global Engineering for at YUM! Brands.