FED Global Thought Leadership 2018

Winning with the Experiential Consumer

In today’s post-materialism economy, we spend more of our discretionary dollars on the intangible, the memorable, the experiential. At the same time, technology and generational change are converging to drive a new definition of convenience that shapes how and where we consume food and beverages. Leveraging sales and consumer behavioral data across multiple industries, David Portalatin, vice president and food industry advisor for The NPD Group, will share insights from both within and beyond the food and beverage world that illuminate opportunities to make the customer experience a winning advantage.

David Portalatin, Vice President and Industry Advisor, Food & Beverage Consumption, The NPD Group

David Portalatin is The NPD Group’s national analyst on all aspects of food and beverage consumption in home and away from home. In his role as vice president, industry advisor, Portalatin provides information, insights, and analysis on how U.S. consumers eat and drink, their attitudes and motivations, diet and nutrition, snacking, and personal characteristics. He works closely with food manufacturers and retailers; foodservice distributors, manufacturers, and operators; and media outlets in providing strategic business insights into current and future eating patterns in America.

He is a frequent featured speaker at food and foodservice industry events and corporate conferences and meetings with distributors, manufacturers, and operators. Portalatin is the author of NPD’s annual Report on Eating Patterns in America, which captures the nuanced and significant shifts in eating and drinking habits and looks at how consumption behavior will change in the future. He also serves as a media source for a wide variety of articles on consumer and foodservice trends and how these trends impact the industry. Portalatin’s comments have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and other nationally recognized media outlets.