FED Lunch & Learn Series 2020

Disruptive Marketing: The Impact on the Foodservice Industry

All foodservice companies will need to be aware of and adjust to 5 unique disruptors: Design, Distribution, Delivery, Digitalization, and Dark Kitchens.

Jim Lund, CEC, Director, Design & Consultant Resources

Jim has 35 years of industry experience, beginning as a dishwasher after going to college for Computer Science he fell in love with the hospitality industry. He then went to culinary school and climbed the ranks to a Certified Executive Chef. He spent 8 years as a RATIONAL sales manager in the central region and for the past 5 years has been responsible for the Design and Consultant Resources. He works closely with dealer designers and consultants across the USA and Canada to support their kitchen design work. Along the way, he’s gained a following in the designer and consultant community who turn to him for advice and best practices when designing and upgrading commercial kitchens.