FED Lunch & Learn Series 2021

How Culture Drives Brand Experience

The pandemic has changed all aspects of the restaurant industry for good. From the way people work to the way consumers want to use restaurants and beyond, there’s really no going back to what was once considered normal. As a result, operators and their supply chain partners need to take a fresh look at what leadership, biz culture look and feel like to deal with decision making as the foodservice industry marches onward and deals with new and more complex issues. For example, despite the more widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in the industry, people will never be more important to an organization’s success. Owners AND workers are BOTH essential, which is something the labor market had been telling us prior to the pandemic. Moving forward it’s not just what companies will do but how they do it that will count as Rudy Miick will explain.

Rudy Miick, CMC, FCSI, MA, Founder, The Miick Companies, LLC

Rudy Miick webRudy’s a restaurateur, facilitator of change, executive coach, psychologist, writer, speaker, athlete and dad. As founder of the Miick Companies, LLC, Rudy’s worked with over 1,750 restaurateurs to shift their dreams to achieved goals. He & his team have over 350 successful restaurant start-ups. His results drive net profit at 4 – 5x industry avg’s and staff turnover at only 22%. His client success is consistent in a myriad of industries: restaurants, hospitality, resorts, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, martial arts, retail, film, fitness and more.

He is a co-founder and curriculum creator for UCLA Extension’s Hospitality Management Program and was an adjunct professor there for 13 years.

Rudy is a Certified Management Consultant, CMC®. This certification is only given after meeting the highest global standards and ethical canons of the profession. Less than 1% of all consultants have achieved this level of excellence. Rudy is on the US Board of Directors of the Institute of Management Consultants, IMC.

He is also a member of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) and has served as a Worldwide board member, Chairman of the Americas, and Chair of Continuing Professional Standards for the Foodservice Industry.

Rudy also gives his time as a consultant/coach for the Boulder Small Business Development Center.