FED Global Thought Leadership 2022

T-Shirts, Tears & Barking Dogs: How COVID Opened the Door to Authentic Mental Health Conversations

As members of the hospitality industry, we set big goals and we work hard to serve the industry and customers we love. Yet this commitment to give our all for others and the drive to perform at our highest levels are often achieved at the expense of ourselves and those we care about. The greatest plans in the world don't matter if the people - our teams, our peers, and our industry at large - remain unaware of and unable to support the emotional and mental health and well-being of those in our care. Conversations with nearly 100 industry leaders has taught me that the opportunity for authentic dialogue around mental health has never been greater and it's important to understand where to begin for ourselves and our teams.

Jason Wange, Founder, Foodservice Powerplant Network

Jason Wange 150x200Jason Wange is a fourteen year foodservice veteran. He is the founder of the Foodservice Powerplant Network, a community of over 2000 foodservice professionals which aims to develop wellness and confidence amongst foodservice professionals through the modeling of authentic community, the teaching of positive mindset tools and the power of story, through their weekly conversation series with industry leaders.

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